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Media, LLC

Are you a small business owner or independent artist in need of brand building?  Do you need a public communications strategy?  Do you need to increase your internet visibility? I can help you with various types of content creation: press releases, blog articles, social media management, even voiceover ad content.  Contact R.R. Fleming Media today for a consultation.



Brand Building

How would you like potential customers to view your brand?


Logos and company graphics are just one aspect of brand identity. Established brand identity has the potential to take your business to the next level. 

Public Relations/Press Releases

Are you an independent artist releasing a new single?  Is your non-profit hosting a fund raising event? Is your small business unveiling a new product, opening a new location, or offering a new exclusive service?  


A press release is an excellent way to strengthen your brand image.  I can artfully compose an engaging press release to continue fortifying your stellar image to the public.

Content creation

Small businesses and fledgling brands often have limited marketing budgets and social media can be most helpful in increasing visibility.  


Being present and active on many social media platforms is a great help. Perhaps you need "How to..." content or just fresh content for a blog post. Give me a shout.  

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“I’ve been an independent artist for several decades and it can be tough to find someone to handle your PR.  I hired R.R. Fleming Media to handle all my album/singles press releases.  I have been quite pleased with the press on my most recent album single, ‘Lucky’.  It definitely looks good when you Google me.”

The Fabulous Moonshyne Brown

The Anti-Robot Art Society


Voiceover Talent & Content

Are you looking for a way to make your ads more engaging?  Does it seem as if there is a component missing from your ad campaigns?  Have you composed a written work you would like turned into an audible version?  


Professional voiceover talent and/or content is available with R.R. Fleming Media.  If you would like help, call me.  Let's work on your vision.


Ghostwriting & Co-Authorship

Would you like to document your life experiences in a memoir?  Do you have an idea for a story but you don’t quite know how to put it to paper?  My ghost-writing or co-authorship services can turn your thoughts into a non-fiction work, short story, or full-length novel.  

Writing Services

Ask me.


Provide me with your info and I will be in contact shortly.  If you prefer to call or leave me a voice message, contact me:


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